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about time - 2012

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  1. Say hello
  2. Dreamers Dreamers
  3. If you change your mind
  4. End of the day
  5. Gap year
  6. Rewrite history
  7. The one that got away
  8. Sing with me
  9. I want to talk tonight
  10. Turn it off
  11. The first day of autumn


busy missing everything - 2008




  Review by Pete Shields - Candlelit

"I was first introduced to the music of Northern Quarter by my good friend Damon Downs when his band played a gig with them at The Golden Fleece in Nottingham. Northern Quarter impressed me so much that I asked them if they would play a Candlelit gig for us. They consequently obligued, twice, and each time they have been fabulous. Their most recent gig was this friday - 1st May 2009 - and once again they were superb, playing two sublime sets of songs old and new. Their new CD Album BUSY MISSING EVERYTHING is absolutely first class. NIGHT OF THE LONG KNIVES kicks the album off brilliantly. Quirky, melodic pop of the very highest order. There's a Barenaked Ladies flavouring and the obvious Beautiful South comparisons will always be drawn as Gerry's vocal tone and delivery are certaily Heaton-esque - no bad thing as the demise of Hulls finest band has left a hole that Northern Quarter can definately fill. ENOUGH is a gorgeous ballad which showcases the delicious vocal ability of Vicky Warburton. Her range and tone are simply beautiful and when accompanied by Gerry Farrow and superb musicianship it is allowed to shine. A LITTLE BIT LOST has an adictive Calypso flavour and is possibly my immediate favourite song on the album and would make a superb single. DON'T BRING ME BAD NEWS is the song I remember most from the bands live acoustic Candlelit set. Hard driven, no nonsense pop music which is an object lesson in delivering a great song. The musicianship throughout is top drawer - Eddy Bailey's guitar work is awesome and Brian Rodwells percussion helps create wonderful dynamics. I would urge everyone to buy a copy of this superb offering from a great band - who are also the nicest bunch of ego free people you could meet."

  1. Night of the long knifes
  2. More and more
  3. Enough ?
  4. A little bit lost
  5. Everything to me
  6. Don't bring me bad news
  7. Love
  8. Long walk home
  9. 25 More years
  10. Sleepwalking
  11. The Weather's going to break

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one of these songs is about you - 2005



A collection of softly spoken acoustic numbers and more upbeat pieces with tracks like 'Giving Up', 'Its Only Me' and 'Time on my Mind' standing out.

Its like that CD you get 4 tracks into at a mates house before heading down the road to get your own copy.

Loughborough Echo, September 2005

  1.  Giving Up
  2. Tonight
  3. Believe
  4. Make it easy
  5. It's only me
  6. Time on my mind
  7. Wait
  8. Electricity
  9. Tonight (Version2)
  10. Said my friend

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CD available from CD Baby- One of these songs is about you

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